Linda Knapp

It is my desire to work with individuals who are committed to improving their quality of life through maintaining good health and wellness. I am committed to nurturing this through the healing power of touch.

It is my wish to develop honest and respectful therapeutic relationships by providing a safe and comfortable atmosphere in a consistent and affordable manner.

Charlotte Lynch

Benefits of Massage

Massage, especially on a regular basis, can be an important part of any personal wellness plan. And, not only does massage feel great but it also:

Improves circulation of blood, lymph and nutrients by allowing our bodies to operate more efficiently in the exchange of nutrients and metabolic wastes.

Lengthens and stretches tendons, allowing more ease of movement and joint stability, which can encourage a more active lifestyle.

Relaxes tight muscles reducing pain in sore areas and, once again, encourages more freedom of movement and helps our skeletal system to stay better aligned and healthy.

Eases chronic pain, providing relief and respite. Chronic pain may contribute to depression, along other debilitating illnesses.

Promotes better, more restful sleep, which may help to reduce the use of sleep aids.

Reduce stress and anxiety, giving a greater sense of well being and engagement in the worlds around us.